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zebraswangoose's Journal

Stéphane, Johnny and Evan forever!

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Fanfic and any other fan related things about the Johnny Weir, Stephane Lambiel and Evan Lysacek OT3
Welcome to ZebraSwanGoose
Stéphane Lambiel
our zebra
Johnny Weir
our swan
Evan Lysacek
our (mon)goose
This community is dedicated to the OT3 that is Stéphane/Johnny/Evan. We accept fanfic, fanart, icons, meta, picspams, basically anything as long as it contains our OT3.

Membership is moderated to prevent spambots joining up.
  1. The most important rule is, play nice, be pleasant to each other. Trolling, hating and flaming will not be tolerated.
  2. Please use the subject line not matter what you are posting; it helps when looking over the archive and specifically:
    If you are posting fanfic, please put Fic: at the front.
    If you are posting art, please put Art: at the front.
  3. If you wish to post fic, please use the following header or something like it:
    Pairing(s): Please include all pairing as well as S/J/E
    Author's notes:

    (you can copy and paste from the box below)

  4. Please post all fics, large images and anything more than paragraph or two behind lj-cuts. Don't know how? Go here to learn
  5. Please place all adult rated images behind an lj-cut, regardless of size, and also lock the post to members only. This is to prevent us getting in trouble with LJ and being suspended, thanks.
  6. If you wish to post a link to something that is fine, but the post you link to must be unlocked. Do not post links to locked entries. Locked entries include links to archives where you have to be a member to read the fics or see content. We are all for archives etc, so you are welcome to include links to fics and other things on them and even encourage members to use that link, but you must also link to an open source of the content of your post.
    Please do not post and then lock links later, it violates the spirit of the rule.

    Also, if you link to a chapter of a fic, that whole fic must be available to read, not just the chapter. Having only one chapter of a fic available also defeats the spirit of the rule.

  7. This comm takes all fic, all ratings including het pairings as long as the OT3 plays a significant role within the story. Please be aware there will some stories unsuitable for younger readers, check the headers before reading to be safe.
  8. We want to make this a safe place to be creative and original. Every fan creation that is posted in the community is ART. Someone has poured their love and time into every single one. If you don't like someone's work, you can:
    a) say nothing
    b) leave feedback that is constructive
  9. If you would like to pimp your new community, RPG, website or grandmother, we would like it if you were a member first, that is is skating related and then please check with one of the mods before posting.
  10. Please tag your entries. Tag have already been created for many things that will help people find the entry they are looking for. If you need a new tag added please email a maintainer and we will add it as soon as we can. We wish the tags to stay sensible and hence have not opened them for all users to add.
  11. Please do not disable comments on posts -it makes it very hard for mods to tell you if something needs changing about a post.
  12. The rating system for content is as follows:
    NC17 - explicit adult themes, be it sex or violence
    R - non-explicit adult theme, be it sex or violence
    PG13 - some content not suitable for younger viewers
    PG - some content not suitable for kiddies
    G - suitable for all audiences
jgweir_daily - daily piccies of Johnny
weirsjohnny - anything and everything Johnny including fic, picspams, news etc
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